Is Blue Light Dangerous for Kids?

blue light protection for kids

Is Blue Light Dangerous for Kids?

If you are a parent and your kids use digital devices such as tablets or smart phones, you may be wondering, “Is blue light dangerous for kids?”

By now, the information about blue light energy and its dangers to human eyes have probably traveled to you some how. Whether it’s from a co-worker showing off their new blue light protecting computer glasses or another parent, demonstrating their kids’ tablet glasses with blue light filter.

It’s true, blue light energy is everywhere and more than ever, it’s time to start paying attention. Especially for your kids.

Blue Light Exposure in Kids

It’s hard to argue how much we depend on digital devices such as tablets and phones. Even more so as parents trying to raise kids these days.

blue light kids

Sometimes it’s easy to just give our kid an iPad and let them watch YouTube or play games. This becomes a habit for parents as well as for kids.

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It’s well known, watching YouTube and playing games are addicting. These entertainment platforms make it so easy to watch another video or play another round of games. Before you know it, you just spent the last 2 hours watching highlight videos of Kobe Bryant. Not going to lie, I am guilty of this too.

Now imagine kids, with no awareness of what addiction is or the concept of that word. To them, watching YouTube or playing games is equal to their happiness. It’s no wonder the kids of this generation and their eyes are glued to tablets all day.

Not to say all blue light is bad. There are benefits of blue light including its effects to boost alertness, regulate circadian rhythm and elevate mood.

However, the rising of digital device usage in kids are exposing hours and hours of blue light energy to their eyes. This amount could potentially damage kids’ eyes. 

Blue Light Impact in Kids

Research have shown blue light can cause retinal damage.

Children may be at higher risk for blue light damage because more blue light energy passes through the eyes to reach the retina.

ipad blue light on kids

It’s the same concept as UV light. More UV light passes through children’s eyes because juvenile lens inside the eyes absorbs less (more passes through to the retina or the back of the eye). It’s why we recommend sunglasses even for kids.

Sleeping cycle is something else affected by blue light. The more digital device usage, especially at night time, the more your brain will start alert and awake. 

Which means less sleep for your kids and less energy the next morning. 

So not only can blue light have physical damages to kids eyes, but it can also be detrimental to kids’ performance and focus.  

Blue Light Protection for Kids

One way to protect from blue light is by using blue light filtering glasses. 

Blue light filter glasses and lens will block out the majority of blue light entering kids’ eyes. 

blue light keeps kids active

Another way to combat blue light is to decrease the amount of time spend on digital devices. Now this may sound easy to do but probably hard to execute. 

Lastly, power down all digital devices and stop using them 2 hours before bedtime. Instead of stimulating the brain with digital activity which keeps the brains of kids active, why not read a book before bedtime?

This simple action with help lull your kids to sleep earlier so they can wake up fresh the next day. 

There is no going back to 1990 where kids actually played outside. The amount of digital device use will not decrease, in fact it will probably increase.

blue light protection for kids

It’s true our kids are using devices more than ever. Think about when they are at school. They are on the computer, laptop or tablets during class. 

Blue light exposure for kids is inevitable but the damages from blue light can be preventable. 

Time will tell how much blue light affects our kids’ generation of eyes.

We hope it doesn’t but just incase it does, let’s get those eyes protected! 

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