5 ways to maximize your vision insurance benefits before 2019

vision insurance benefits

5 ways to maximize your vision insurance benefits before 2019

Not taking advantage of your yearly vision insurance benefits is like flushing money down the toilet. Remember, use it or lose it (flush it works here too).

With the end of the year fast approaching, do you still have vision insurance benefits left for the year? If so, here are 5 ways you can maximize your vision insurance benefits before 2019.

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1. Computer glasses
It’s true, the digital age is here. About 75% of my patients are using a computer on a daily basis at work. This number is staggering and it’s also increasing.

computer glasses

Heavy computer or phone use can increase risk for eye problems. Like your smartphone, computer screens emit harmful blue-light which can increase risk for macular degeneration and contribute to digital eye strain. Protection with blue-light filters are certainly necessary.

Prescription computer glasses is not the same as your everyday prescription glasses. The prescription powers are usually different and made specifically for your computer working distance.

Pro-tip: Add a blue-light filter to your lenses if you use the computer or look at your phone for more than 6 hours a day.

2. Prescription or non-prescription sunglasses
It’s a little known fact that vision insurance benefits can be used towards sunglasses, even designer sunglasses. Yes, summer may be over but here in sunny Southern California, sun protection a year round thing.

prescription or non-prescription sunglasses

Keep those eyes protected in style with a pair of designer sunglasses from brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Tiffany & Co, Prada or Celine. Or consider popular sunglasses brand such as Ray-bans, Oakleys and Oliver Peoples. Just like your collection of shoes, you can never have enough sunglasses.

Pro-tip: If you had LASIK eye surgery, you can still use your vision insurance benefits towards a new pair of sunglasses.

3. Back-up glasses
Using vision insurance towards new prescription glasses may sound obvious. However, using vision insurance for a back-up pair of glasses is an unfamiliar but great idea.

back-up glasses

If you are like me and are constantly forgetting and losing things in life, consider a back-up pair of glasses. For those that dependent heavily on their glasses to see, just imagine a day without your glasses. Imagine trying to drive at night. Sounds terrible and scary right?

So if you still have vision insurance left, why not get some back-up glasses for those unexpected moments in life.

Pro-tip: A solid pair of back-up glasses won’t break the bank. Most vision insurance will cover the basics: frame, lenses and some insurance will even cover anti-reflective coatings too.

4. Prescription contact lenses
If you are a contact lens wearer and still have vision insurance left for the year, it’s a no-brainer to use that benefit to buy more contact lenses.

contact lenses with vision insurance

Most vision insurance will have an allowance of $130-$200 to be used towards buying contact lenses. If you don’t use that money, you simply lose it.

Pro-tip: All contact lens wearers should have a pair of back-up glasses. Use your insurance benefits towards back-up glasses if you don’t owe a pair.

5. Eye health exam
When was your last eye health exam? For a healthy individual, the American Optometric Association recommends an eye exam every 2 years.

eye exams with vision insurance

Eye exams are especially important for children, because 80% of what they learn is through their vision. Remember, vision screenings at school is not a comprehensive eye exam.

Pro-tip: Most vision insurance fully cover basic vision and eye health exam. Co-pays for eye exams can range from $0 – $25 depending on your insurance coverage.

As I am writing this, the weather is starting to cool, kids are fully back to school and more importantly the NBA season has started for my Lakers. Soon the holiday season will be upon us.

Your calendar will start to stack with Thanksgiving and Christmas events. So don’t forget to mark down a day to use your vision insurance benefits before the year is over.

Remember, you either use it or you lose it. Don’t let money flush down the toilet.

Do you still have vision insurance benefits left over for the year?

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