Our Optical


“These glasses that I wear are more than just glasses. It is a part of who I am.This is a look through my eyes.” 

What can our optical do?

Digital computer glasses

Combat eye fatigue with personalized computer glasses with blue-light protection. 

Prescription glasses and sunglasses

Highest quality digital high-definition lenses. Small details matter, see your best. 

Children’s eyewear

Finding the perfect pair of glasses for your kid is hard. Our specialized opticians are ready to help. 

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5 things people who need new glasses say


1. “Help, my current glasses keep slipping down my face! These glasses are heavy, uncomfortable and they don’t fit right on my face.”

“The lenses on my glasses are all scratched up and the coating is peeling. It’s hard to see at night because of this.”

“I feel that my vision has changed, I can no longer see clearly through my current glasses.  Did my eyeglasses prescription change?”

“Staring in front of a computer 6 hours a day is driving me crazy. I need new computer glasses to help with digital eye fatigue, oh and also a lens coating for blue-light protection.”

“I still see great through my current glasses but I am need a change. Hm, maybe a new & snazzy* pair of glasses will do the trick.”
*(snaz·zyadjective – stylish and attractive)

Moms and Dads, we can help.

• Are you struggling to find a pair of glasses that will fit your kids?

• Are you looking for something new and fresh for your child’s next pair of glasses?

• Do you have a toddler that needs glasses but you are struggling to find a pair that fits? 

• Does your kid play sports and need a pair of sports protective eyewear such as prescription eye goggles?

How we can help.

• Dedicated children’s optical area with over 200 unique children’s eyeglasses frame

• Our kids play area includes toys, books, including Peppa Pig, toy cars, Barbie and of course, TRAINS. 

• Our kids frame brands include:
Ray-ban, Nike, Zoobug, Tomato glasses, Original Penguin, OGI kids, Lily Pulizter girls glasses, Liberty protective eyewear and more. 

• We know your kids are rough. We got your back. 1-year frame warranty and lens warranty on most kids frame and lenses. 

Our exclusive brand partnerships
bet you won’t find these brands anywhere else


modern, chic, trendy, sweet, and romantic

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brand reinterpreting classic femininity

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chick and off-beat with a trendy London feel

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innovative eyewear designed by architects

Learn more.


Ready for a change?


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