as known as “Ortho-k”

• Overnight specialty contact lenses that reshapes the front curvature of the eyes resulting in clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

1. Insert ortho-k contact lenses before sleeping

2. Rise and shine! Remove overnight ortho-k lenses

3. See life clearly without the need of glasses or contact lenses



• Slow down nearsightedness or myopia progression

• Safe and non-surgical procedure

• Vision as good as with glasses or contact lenses

• Available for most people including adults and kids


Ortho-K to slow down nearsightedness!


• Safe for kids as young as 5 years old

• Higher myopia increases risk for glaucoma and retinal detachments

• Slow or stop nearsightedness progression

• No need for glasses or contact lenses to see clearly

Dr. Sophie’s passion is orthokeratology

With over 6 years of experience fitting orthokeratology contact lenses, Dr. Sophie Hsu is our ortho-k specialist. She has a wealth of knowledge about the effects of ortho-k contact lenses on nearsightedness and plenty of experience working with kids. Having successfully fitting over 300 orthokeratology patients, we are confident Dr. Sophie will be able to fit you or your children in ortho-k contact lenses. 

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