Oliver Peoples Eyewear


oliver peoples glasses

oliver peoples eyewear

Hollywood style glasses and sunglasses, made for the movies, worn by celebrities in public.

Oliver Peoples eyewear is inspired by the melting pot culture that is Los Angeles. With heavy influences from current fashion trends, old and new films, the art scene of LA, architecture and vibe music, this vintage American eyewear brand continues to grow.

Not just an eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples is culture. 

Christian Bale’s iconic character, Patrick Bateman, from the movie American Pyscho wears his Oliver Peoples.

Watch this scene from American Psycho, where his character talks about his OP glasses. click to watch

made in japan and italy 

In the modern age of technology, it’s shocking may shock you to know that every pair of Oliver Peoples is handcrafted and sculpted by actual people, not machines. 

This attention to detail and high quality is why we carry Oliver Peoples at Bright Vision Optometry. We feel that this eyewear brand aligns with high standards and backs our value of providing quality, long-lasting eyewear. 

Are you looking to feel like a celebrity on a movie set?

Stop by Bright Vision Optometry to try on a pair of OP glasses or sunglasses!

oliver peoples eyewear
oliver peoples glasses
oliver peoples sunglasses

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