Month: July 2018

Mother Nature – Banff and Jasper National Park with My Mom

She gave me this look of disapproval before she asked, “What are you listening to?” 

“Mom, this is Chance the Rapper. It’s good music.”  I said

She didn’t say anything back. 

“Well, what’s your favorite type of music mom?” I asked

She turned to me, gently smiled and said, “I like listening to musicals or songs from broadway shows. You know like Phantom of the Opera.”

One quintessential water activity in Banff is canoeing on the beautiful Bow River. 

“I got a good idea, let’s rent a canoe and explore this cool river!” I said

We rented a canoe and proceeded to the gentle river route. While paddling back to the rental dock, our canoe capsized. It was an embarrassing moment yet we couldn’t stop laughing about it. 

“Maybe that was a bad idea. No more water activities on this trip.” I said

My mom, still laughing, nodded in agreement. 

PM: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is magical place. The color blue will never be the same. 

“Hey you and your mom should go outside and take a picture together!” Jiamee said

“You mean out there? Let’s go!” I replied

Thank you and congratulations to the newlywed Jonathan and Linda Dorsey for making this trip happen! 

“It’s okay if we can’t find a place to eat. I bought 6 cup of noodles, we can just eat that.” my mom said 

“Are you serious? Who eats cup of noodles on vacation?” I said

My mom turned to me and said, “This is a 4 hour hike, make sure you drink water and eat a banana or else you will cramp.” 

I just smiled and nodded. I couldn’t really hear her because the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera was blasting through the speakers. 

“My leg cramped in the middle of the night.” I admitted 

“I told you to drink lots of water and eat a banana. You should sleep earlier too.” she said 

Half-way back on our flight, my mom leaned in. 

“We didn’t finish the cup of noodles. We still have 3 of them so I brought them back. It would be such a waste to throw it away.” she revealed 

Shaking my head inside my head.

I changed the topic, “So where are we going next year?”

“I want to see Smoky Mountain National Park!” she said 

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