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face shape for glasses

3 Tips For Your Next Glasses

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a difficult decision to make. You may have questions like the following…

What size or shape of glasses fits my face? Will my prescription lenses fit in this pair of glasses? What color will match my skin tone or make-up?

eyewear stylists at Bright Vision Optometry

Before you embark on your search for your next pair of glasses, read these 3 helpful tips from our experienced eyewear stylists at Bright Vision Optometry. 

1. Find the right glasses shape for your face shape

“The choice of eyewear is largely a question of personal style and preferences, but for a successful choice, the eyewear should complement the face and highlight its best qualities.” says our eyewear stylist Adriana. 

Here are some general tips for picking out the right pair of eyeglasses to match your face shape. 

face shape for glasses


Rounded forehead and chin – widest at the cheekbones.

Create contrast with rectangular frames; choose a frame with high temples, if appropriate. Avoid round and oval frames.


Elongated face with a round forehead and slightly slimmer, rounded chin. A very harmonious face shape.

Do not choose an oval frame that is too horizontally flat, or a rectangular frame that follows the cheekbones. However, oval faces can wear frames in most shapes.


Forehead, cheekbones and chin area all the same width.

Draw the attention upwards by choosing a frame with its most prominent features at the top. Avoid angular frames for this face shape.


A long, narrow face, often with a prominent jaw.

Choose deep frames – round or aviator-style. It is a good idea to choose a frame with distinctive sides. Avoid narrow frames and high-placed temples.Modo Glasses


The top edge of the glasses frame should follow the shape of the brows, and should be fully or partially distinct from them. Avoid eyewear where the brows can be seen through the lenses.

The eyewear should reach the outer edges of the cheekbones, otherwise it looks like the wearer has outgrown his/her eyeglass frame.

A short nose can appear longer when the wearer uses eyewear with a keyhole bridge (see picture) or a bridge that curves upwards. A long nose can appear shorter if the eyeglasses frame bridge runs straight across the bridge of the nose or curves slightly downwards. The bridge should ideally sit as low as possible.

2. Understand your glasses prescription

high prescription lenses on metal glasses

“When choosing your next pair of glasses, it’s important to understand your glasses prescription. Why? Because if your prescription is on the higher end, the lenses might not fit your preferred glasses frames.” says Joanna. 

It’s a fact, if your glasses prescription is considered high, your lenses will be thick. Certain eyeglasses frames, especially metal frames will not be able to accommodate higher prescriptions. 

If you have a high prescription, consider an eyewear brand like Prodesign to help hide the thickness of your lens. 

Be sure to consult an optician or eyewear stylist to make sure your next pair glasses is a good match for your prescription. 

3. Don’t be afraid to try something different

3 tips for glasses

Our eyewear stylist Michael doesn’t play by the rules.

He says, “You can pull off any glasses as long as you are willing to commit and WERK those frames!” 

Consider frame colors that pop and contrast your skin tone. Colorful frames such as Woow eyewear is a good place to start. 

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