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What’s the Best Anti-Fog Product?

On June 18th, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, issued a statewide mask order  a necessary precaution as COVID-19 continues to spread, harm and kill. 

Who would have ever thought we as a society would be adding “mask” to our “before you leave the house” checklist. The other items on that list include our daily essentials – phone, keys and wallet/purse. 

As we become more and more comfortable with wearing a mask, one big problem has come up for the glasses wearing community.  

Glasses fogging up when masks are on. 

So in this blog post, we will be reviewing 7 different anti-fog products to find the most effective option for you. Hopefully this review will help you not “fog up” and waste money on something that won’t work.

Read more to find out which anti-fog product is most effective anti-fog product while wearing a mask. 

Defogging Products

In total, we reviewed 7 anti-fog products / methods. Here’s the list of products, prices and where you can buy them. 

  1. Fog Free 
    $10.95 for a 2 oz spray bottle 

    Amazon Link
    does not work on lenses with anti-reflective coating which most people will have on their lenses.


  2. Fog Stopper
    $14.95 for 10 mL drip bottle
    Eyeglasses Supply Store Link
    Note: designed specifically for all lens types including anti-reflective coated lenses.


  3. Cat Crap 
    $7.99 for 30 mL (1 oz) spray bottle 
    Amazon Link

    Note: safe for any lens including lenses with anti-reflective coating.

  4. C:Ya Anti-Fog Cloth 
    $12.99 for 1 – 15×18 cm cleaning cloth
    Amazon Link

    Note: on the front of the packaging, it states – “anti-fogging performance may vary depending on lenses or circumstances”.

  5. Anti-Fog Lens Wipe by EYENID
    $9.99 for 1 cleaning cloth
    Amazon Link
    Note: according to the packaging instructions, this product can be used 1000 times.


  6. nerdwax 
    $9.99 for 1 – 2g stick 
    Nerdwax Link
    Note: beeswax based blend of all-natural, cosmetic grade ingredients.


  7. Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape
    $2.99 for 1 – 288 inch roll
    Amazon Link
    Note: apparently this is the #1 paper tape in hospitals.

Review Results

Which anti-fog product / method did we find as the most effective?

First, the anti-fog spray and cloth (products #1-5) were basically cleaning products and not anti-fog products. We do not recommend buying those products because they do not prevent fogging at all.

Although we will say, Cat Crap is a very catchy brand name. Kudos. 

So after trying all 7 products, the clear winner is…

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape!

Soft and gentle on the skin, when placed on the edge of your mask and the space above is sealed, tape is the most effective way to defog your glasses when wearing a mask. 

By sealing the space between your mask and your glasses, condensation (or fogging) is physically prevented. Therefore, no glasses fog!

DISCLAIMER: Do not use the tape method for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. 

During our test, we also compared fogging between lenses with and without anti-reflective coating. We found that lenses treated with anti-reflective coating does not prevent fogging, but the time it takes for lenses to defog is a lot faster than lenses without anti-reflective coating.

The difference is the lenses treated with anti-reflective coating has a hydrophobic layer or a protective layer that repels water and condensation. 

That’s part of the reason why, we at Bright Vision Optometry, always recommend lenses treated with anti-reflective coating. 

The Nerdwax stick was an effective anti-fog product too. 

When applied on nose pads of eyewear, Nerdwax’s primary function is to keep glasses and sunglasses from slipping.  

You can actually use nerdwax on the edge of your mask to create an adhesive with your skin, sealing off potential condensation and fog. 

Because the ingredient is similar to chapstick (Burt’s Bees), waxy and sticky, we recommend using nerdwax for anti-fog purpose on daily disposable masks only. Unfortunately, this product does not work too well with cloth masks. 

Contact Lenses

Thinking outside the box, an alternative anti-fog method is to not wear glasses in the first place.

Contact lenses is another way to avoid fogging problems with glasses while wearing a mask. 

As the coronavirus numbers continue to rise, it seems like our mask wearing days are here to stay. This might be the perfect time to try contact lenses.

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