Month: August 2021

Try Contact Lenses

Should I Try Contact Lenses?

I started wearing glasses back in fifth grade, but switched over to try contact lenses during my freshman year of high school. Just the thought of wearing glasses while playing tennis seemed utterly unbearable. Ever since then, I have never turned back!

At the time, I was really hesitant about trying contact lenses, especially after hearing horror stories of these plastic lenses getting stuck in the back of people’s eyes. Truth is, this is one of many common misconceptions that surround contact lenses. Speaking of myths, let’s debunk some!

Myth: Contact lenses can get stuck in the back of your eye

Truth: Due to the anatomy of our eyes, it is literally impossible for contact lenses to get stuck in the back of your eye. Our eyes have a fornix, which is a folding of soft tissue that acts like a barrier by preventing foreign objects from getting into the back of our eye.

Myth: There is no way to find a contact lens that fits my eye or my prescription

Truth: Whether you have astigmatism or presbyopia (inability to focus on close objects), there is a lens for you! With modern-day technology, new lenses for minus prescriptions, plus prescriptions, astigmatism, and presbyopia are constantly being developed. We also fit both soft and hard lenses, and we can even make lenses that are custom to your eye if needed!

Myth: I’m too young / too old to be fit with contact lenses

Truth: Did you know that we have patients as young as 3 years old and as young as 70 years old who wear contact lenses? Truth is, no one is too young or too old to try contact lenses!

Now that we’ve debunked some frightening misconceptions that are commonly thrown around, you may be wondering: What special  benefits do contact lenses have that glasses don’t?

fogging with glasses, try contact lenses

No fogging: With the ongoing pandemic, a common struggle we’ve heard our patients express is that their glasses tend to fog up when they wear their masks. Aside from the pandemic, patients complain about their glasses fogging up when drinking hot, soupy foods like ramen or pho. Luckily, with contact lenses, this is not an issue!

Your vision will feel more natural, and you’ll have a wider, more clear field of view: Since contact lenses sit on your eye, you get to experience a full 180 degrees of clear vision, rather than being limited by the size of your glasses frame. In addition, you won’t have to experience the sensation of having something sitting on your face, adding to a more natural sense of vision as you go about your daily life.

Useful for a multitude of specialty and everyday tasks: Whether you love to play sports or work at a job where you’re constantly having to alternate between looking up and down, glasses can often become a nuisance. For some people, that nuisance may come in the form of glasses sliding down frequently. For others, it may be the fear of getting your glasses knocked off and broken. With contact lenses, you can say good riddance to those inconveniences!

Whether you are super eager or are on the fence about trying out contact lenses, we’ll be sure to make the process as easy and comfortable as we can. To start off, we want to be absolutely sure that we find a lens that is perfect for you! To accomplish this, we offer contact lens follow-ups for up to 60 days, just to ensure we have plenty of time to trial and error through as many lenses as needed.

All sample contact lenses we dispense is included in our contact lens fitting fee in order to dissolve any financial burdens that may hinder you from finding your perfect lens. In addition, we carry a wide range of contact lenses, which enables us to find a lens that is not only comfortable for you, but also fits within your lifestyle and budget.

Whether you want colored lenses, or lenses that can replace your reading glasses so you have one less thing to carry around, we have it all! We also provide training on how to insert, remove, and properly care for your lenses in order to equip you as you start this new journey. Whether you need one training or three, they are all included with our contact lens fitting fee!

Should you try contact lenses? Ask our eye doctors about contact lenses at your next eye exam at Bright Vision Optometry!

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