Year: 2019

lil wayne halloween costume

my past halloweens (pictures)

I believe the spirit of Halloween exemplifies the best of our human imagination. 

For one day out of the year, we can be anyone or anything we want.

Kinda fun, don’t you think? 

See our office Halloween decorations on YouTube: CLICK HERE

For your viewing pleasure, here are 5 pictures from my past halloweens. 

halloween past

Just look at these two, one guy is a dinosaur (that’s me) and the other guy is clearly Antoine Dodson.

In case you don’t know about internet sensation Antoine Dodson, now you know.

Thank me later. 

my past halloweens

Me with my nephews Nick and Ryan. 

You know who has the wildest imaginations? Yup, kids. 

In 2017 for Halloween, there were 2 Spidermans in our little family universe and 1 very cute ghost. 

Nick trying to throw the peace out sign though. Good try. 

lil wayne halloween

During college, a huge influence for me was rap music.

One of my favorite rappers at the time was Lil Wayne (check out T-Pain next to me). 

In case you were wondering, I don’t have “CASHMONEY” tattoo’ed on stomach. We used sharpies. 

Then for some weird reason rapper Soulja Boy was hot and trending.

My college friends and I? We got infatuated. So much that we all wanted to Soulja Boy for Halloween. 

Yeah. That’s all I am going to say about that. 

This picture is special. 

This is a throwback picture of me and my wife on our first Halloween as a couple. 

I was the lucky fisherman who caught the baddest (coolest) shark in the pond. 

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

So close your eyes and imagine.

Who would you want to be Halloween this year? 

pennywise halloween costume

This year, for me, you’ll float too. 

Happy Halloween! 

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why i listen to this morning music playlist everyday

Everyone has their own morning rituals or routines. Here’s one of my favorites that I would like to share. Why do I listen to this morning music playlist everyday? 

Because my morning playlist helps me get into the right mindset to tackle my day, everyday. 

morning music playlist

My morning music playlist is composed of just 5 songs (a total of 17 minutes and 37 seconds). 

Just a warning, there are some songs with curse words. Earmuffs, kids!

Let’s start with the first song.

Empire Of The Sun – Alive

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

Energy. Excitement. Eye related! 

Have you ever felt like you’re just floating through your Monday thru Friday routine? Do you sometimes feel like a robot, doing the same thing over and over again? 

The reason this song is the first on my morning music playlist is because it reminds me that I’m someone that’s actually ALIVE and there are so many wonderful things that you can do when you feel ALIVE. 

There’s a line in the song that goes, “LOST MY EYE SIGHT, CAN’T YOU HELP ME SEE?”

Like seriously? Yes, I can. Welcome to Bright Vision Optometry! LOL. 

This song is especially energizing after a big cup of coffee. But be careful with that combination, you might just find yourself dancing like a fool. 

The next song gets a little deep. 

Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s A New Day)

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

Listen to song and it will bring you wisdom. If you listen carefully that is. But don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the smooth, rhythmic flows of Asher Roth, NBD, I’ll highlight the important messages for you here, right now.

Why do I listen to this as the second song of my morning music playlist?

Because of the it helps me understand that we are all equal, everyone/everything on this earth.

Because it helps me get in the mindset to put in the work to get to where I want to be.

Because it helps me believe in myself. Because it helps me be grateful for everything that I have.

Here’s some sample of some wisdom that Asher Roth drops,

“Bout time to change a few things
We enslaved to the bank and we only wanna buy new shoes
The way that we think
We can do anything that we really wanna put our minds too…”

If you can find truths in this song, your ability to be happy will have leveled up.

“…it’s not about fame, and fortune
It’s about believing and believing in yourself
And understanding that this life is life
It’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time
It’s about loving what you have
So get ready it’s a new day…”

How can you not feel some-type-of-way after listening to this song? Seriously.

Nujabes – Feather

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

If you have never heard of Nujabes, I am glad to be the one introducing you to this musical legend.

When his jazzy, lo-fi, hip-hop productions reaches my ears, his music helps me get into this super relaxed, spiritual, meditative and peaceful state. 

A good friend and patient of ours at Bright Vision Optometry, let’s call him Mr. H2cominthru, introduced me a really cool and effective breathing technique called the Wim Hof breathing. 

So while listening to this song Feathers, this is where I practice breathing deeply. Deep In and then deep out (yup, just like them burgers). It’s like this song is a catalyst for me to detox and release unnecessary stress on my mind and body. 

After listening to this song, I am reminded to breath deeply through out my day.

I am calm and peaceful. No one can stress me out. hehe. 

J. Cole – Love Yourz

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

“No such thing as a life better than yours…”

I put this masterpiece by J. Cole into my morning music playlist because it helps me see my life in a completely different perspective.  

Seeing the world with 20/20 vision is cool and all but if you can see the world with perspectives, that’s seeing with your third eye.

More importantly, while listening to this song, I think about the special people in my family like my sister.

I think about my awesome friends that are in my life. I think about my mom (you guys, she’s a like goddess). 

There are so many distractions in this world that can pull your energy from your loved ones.

So just remember to love yourz. 

Bas – Tribe with J.Cole

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

This one is for you.” 

And the last song on my morning music playlist is a song dedicated to my wife. 

Why? That’s TMI. 

Let’s just say she makes me feel like the happiest person alive.  

my morning music playlist

So that was it, my morning music playlist and why I listen everyday. 

I played this mix everyday, in the same order from top down. Usually while I am driving to work.

Remember, the radio plays what “they” want you to hear. Just saying. 

And don’t copy me.

I encourage you to create your own morning music playlist that will help you be the best you for your day. 

If you liked this blog post, it would mean so much to me if you shared. 

Thank you and have a great day.


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Halloween Contact Lenses for 2019 by Gothika

Boo! Halloween is next month. Are you ready? 

Spice up your Halloween outfit with Gothika Halloween Contact Lenses.

Here are the colors for Halloween 2019:

Gothika Contact Lenses 2019

Order your Gothika Halloween contact lenses by Oct. 26th to ensure delivery before Halloween 2019!

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What Age Can Your Child Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

Parents, do you know what age your child can start wearing contact lenses? This is a question our eye doctors  at Bright Vision Optometry answer often.

Before we get to the answer of that question, let’s think first if your child actually could benefit from contact lenses. 

At Bright Vision Optometry, we believe in the power of contact lenses to provide a more natural way of seeing. There are certain circumstances where traditional glasses will get in the way of comfortable vision. 

Here’s a couple situations where contact lenses may provide better overall vision and comfort:

Does your child play sports? Children who play sports like football, basketball, baseball or soccer could benefit from contact lenses and avoid the hassle and distraction of glasses wear. 

Is your child involved in extracurricular activities such as dancing or cheerleading? Children involved in high movement activities could also benefit from contact lens wear. 

Contact lens is a safe and a great alternative to correction vision over traditional glasses. Especially kids with a higher prescription (we’ll get more into that later). 

So let’s dive into answering our first questions: What age can my child start wearing contact lenses? 


The answer to that question firmly depends on the maturity level and motivation of the child. From our experience, children can start wearing contacts at the age of 10-12 years old. But get this, some kids we see at Bright Vision Optometry start wearing contact lenses at the age of 6. So it really depends. 

One day, Dr. Soong’s wife was showing him pictures of her during her childhood  when she said, “I use to hate wearing glasses, I would take them off and hide them behind my back in pictures.” And she really did that, the proof was in these pictures. 

Back in the day, most children dislike wearing glasses. This dislike is what motivated my wife to start wearing contact lenses at the young age of 7. 

Today’s world is a bit upside down. For reason, more and more kids now a day want to wear glasses even if they don’t have a need for prescription glasses. 

Wearing contact lenses requires responsibilities. Often times, our eye doctors would ask the parents how clean their children’s room is at the moment. This gives our eye doctors a general idea how responsibly the kid is.

Certain modality of contact lenses require maintenance. With the increase popularity of daily contact lenses, the maintenance required has dramatic diminished. Therefore even younger children in elementary school can wear start wearing contact lenses. 

Learning Curve

Putting on contact lenses may sound like a simple skill to learn. However the learning curve of inserting contact lenses may be steeper for some children. 

Our own Dr. Soong found this out the hard way. When he was 16 years old, he tried contact lenses for the first time and it took him a whooping 1 hour and 30 minutes to put on and take off his first pair of contact lenses. He often mentions this personal experience to our first time contact lens wearers. 

Like any process of learning, it could be extremely frustrating especially for a child of young age. Just think about your first attempts of learning how to ride a bike or swim.

Emotions and frustrating sometimes can get in the way of learning. But learning how to wear contact lenses is one of the skills like riding a bike and swimming, that once your child masters, it will be a skill that will be retained for the rest of their lives. 

High Prescription

The reason my wife started wearing contact lenses at the age of 7 was because her prescription was increasing and her glasses started to become too thick to the point where she was embarrassed to wear glasses.

With the aid of contact lenses, she was able to see and excel in school with the confidence that her parents was looking for. As fashionable as glasses can be, a child with a high prescription may not be comfortable with glasses due to lens thickness, limitation of glasses frame selection and distorted peripheral vision. 

So if your child has a high prescription already, it could be another reason to get them into contact lenses for better visual comfort especially for sports related activities. 

Again, children can start wearing contact lenses as young as 5 or 6 years ago. However, there are factors to consider such as the maturity and emotional level of the child, the curve of learning how to wear contact lenses and also the power of their prescription.

Another alternative is something called Orthokeratology or Ortho-k. Ortho-k is a special overnight contact lens which is becoming popular amongst children as well.

Learn more about ortho-k contact lenses: CLICK HERE 

Lastly, contact lenses are a very safe alternative to glasses when properly taken care of. For this new school year, maybe it’s time to consider contact lenses for your child. 

back to school eye exam

Why Get a Back To School Eye Exam

This year, be sure to get a back to school eye exam for your kids before class is back in session.

Vision is the foundation for learning. Just think about how much we use vision to guide us through our days. 

You may have heard the expression, “monkey see, monkey do.” which describes perfect how a child learns; by seeing.

So give your child the best opportunity to see their best so they can be at their best for this upcoming school year. It all starts with getting your child an eye exam.

Why Get Back To School Eye Exam

Do you know exactly how well your child can see? What should my child be able to see at his age?

hiking with nick

Is it 20/20? Does your child see better out of the right eye or the left eye?

Does my child need glasses? Does my child have an eye turn?

If you don’t know the answer, relax it’s okay. These are questions that will be answered during your child’s eye exam. 

A comprehensive eye exam will help determine if nearsighted or farsighted glasses are needed for your child to see their best at school. 

Secondly, the eye doctor will also check for any crossed eyes, lazy eyes, color vision defects and other visual impairments that could affect your child’s learning.

Lastly, a comprehensive eye exam for your child will check for any eye health problems such as congenital cataracts.

Why Good Vision Is Important

Having good vision is super important for kids, especially during the first 7 years.

blue light for kids

The first 7 years of a child’s life are considered the sensitivity period where the brain of a child is rapidly developing and creating foundational connections or networks.

If a child does not experience good vision during this critical time, it could really hinder the overall development of the child.

Short-term problems that a child with visual impairment can encounter are developmental delays, decreased hand-eye coordination, lack of spatial awareness, delays in visual development and/or visual perception.

Leading to long-term problems affecting school and sports, perhaps even cause your child to struggle academically and socially.

Is blue light dangerous for kids? To find out the answer: CLICK HERE 

Remember this fact, 80% of what kids learn in school is learned visually.

back to school eye exam

Back to school season can be busy and hectic. Be sure to consider getting an back to school eye exam for your kids.

Here at Bright Vision Optometry, we truly believe in the power of good vision.

Good vision can help you and your kids see what really matters for this upcoming school year.

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blue light protection for kids

Is Blue Light Dangerous for Kids?

If you are a parent and your kids use digital devices such as tablets or smart phones, you may be wondering, “Is blue light dangerous for kids?”

By now, the information about blue light energy and its dangers to human eyes have probably traveled to you some how. Whether it’s from a co-worker showing off their new blue light protecting computer glasses or another parent, demonstrating their kids’ tablet glasses with blue light filter.

It’s true, blue light energy is everywhere and more than ever, it’s time to start paying attention. Especially for your kids.

Blue Light Exposure in Kids

It’s hard to argue how much we depend on digital devices such as tablets and phones. Even more so as parents trying to raise kids these days.

blue light kids

Sometimes it’s easy to just give our kid an iPad and let them watch YouTube or play games. This becomes a habit for parents as well as for kids.

Learn more about blue light and other eye health updates of 2019: CLICK HERE

It’s well known, watching YouTube and playing games are addicting. These entertainment platforms make it so easy to watch another video or play another round of games. Before you know it, you just spent the last 2 hours watching highlight videos of Kobe Bryant. Not going to lie, I am guilty of this too.

Now imagine kids, with no awareness of what addiction is or the concept of that word. To them, watching YouTube or playing games is equal to their happiness. It’s no wonder the kids of this generation and their eyes are glued to tablets all day.

Not to say all blue light is bad. There are benefits of blue light including its effects to boost alertness, regulate circadian rhythm and elevate mood.

However, the rising of digital device usage in kids are exposing hours and hours of blue light energy to their eyes. This amount could potentially damage kids’ eyes. 

Blue Light Impact in Kids

Research have shown blue light can cause retinal damage.

Children may be at higher risk for blue light damage because more blue light energy passes through the eyes to reach the retina.

ipad blue light on kids

It’s the same concept as UV light. More UV light passes through children’s eyes because juvenile lens inside the eyes absorbs less (more passes through to the retina or the back of the eye). It’s why we recommend sunglasses even for kids.

Sleeping cycle is something else affected by blue light. The more digital device usage, especially at night time, the more your brain will start alert and awake. 

Which means less sleep for your kids and less energy the next morning. 

So not only can blue light have physical damages to kids eyes, but it can also be detrimental to kids’ performance and focus.  

Blue Light Protection for Kids

One way to protect from blue light is by using blue light filtering glasses. 

Blue light filter glasses and lens will block out the majority of blue light entering kids’ eyes. 

blue light keeps kids active

Another way to combat blue light is to decrease the amount of time spend on digital devices. Now this may sound easy to do but probably hard to execute. 

Lastly, power down all digital devices and stop using them 2 hours before bedtime. Instead of stimulating the brain with digital activity which keeps the brains of kids active, why not read a book before bedtime?

This simple action with help lull your kids to sleep earlier so they can wake up fresh the next day. 

There is no going back to 1990 where kids actually played outside. The amount of digital device use will not decrease, in fact it will probably increase.

blue light protection for kids

It’s true our kids are using devices more than ever. Think about when they are at school. They are on the computer, laptop or tablets during class. 

Blue light exposure for kids is inevitable but the damages from blue light can be preventable. 

Time will tell how much blue light affects our kids’ generation of eyes.

We hope it doesn’t but just incase it does, let’s get those eyes protected! 

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screen time for kids

3 Eye Health Updates for 2019

It’s 2019 and our eyes are facing new challenges. 

We heavily rely on our eyes for our daily activities such as work, driving and of course we use them to watch our favorite Netflix shows. 

Try closing your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine a life without vision. It’s pretty tough right?

The visual stimulus we encounter today are much different and can be challenging for our eyes. Visual demands such as digital blue light energy, screen time addiction and increase myopia or nearsightedness can lead to serious visual and eye health problems like macular degeneration and even blindness. 

What can you do to protect your eyes?

Here are 3 eye health updates you need to know in 2019.

1. Blue-Light Protection

Blue light is a color in the visible spectrum. It is considered short wavelength, which produces higher amounts of energy and that’s not good for our eyes. 

Eye Health Updates

Today, our eyes are consistently exposed to “modern digital blue light” from smart phones, computer screens, tablets, and gaming devices. 

The increased amount of blue light exposure is concerning as the average American now spends 37 hours a week staring at digital devices. It’s quite common to hear our patients report staring in front of computer screens for 8 hours a day at work. 

Related blog post: “Can Computer Make My Eyes Worse?”: click here

Researchers have discovered that blue light is “toxic” to cells in the retina and can lead to early onset of retinal degenerative diseases (such as macular degeneration), early onset of cataracts or even blindness. 

As one researcher noted, “Photoreceptor cells do not regenerate in the eye. When they’re dead, they’re dead for good.” To translate, once the damage is done, your vision does not come back. That’s scary to think about. 

If you are a heavy digital device user or have a family history of macular degeneration, our eye doctors highly recommended protecting your eyes with blue light filtering lenses.

Blue light protection lenses filters out blue light energy decreasing the amount of energy entering our eyes. It can also help reduce digital eye strain and fatigue. 

2. Digital Device Recommendation For Kids

The rise of digital technology has penetrated our kids. It’s not uncommon to see children with their own iPad or phone as early as 3 years old.

But is digital screen time healthy for children?   

screen time for kids

A first of the its kind study on how screen time affects children’s brains suggest more than 2 hours a day could do damage. Read the details of this study: CLICK HERE 

The first findings from this study show as little as 2 hours of screen time can be detrimental, resulting in lower scores on tests focused on thinking and language skills. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently came out with a new daily screen time recommendation for children under 5 years of age. Read the full recommendations: CLICK HERE

Here is the summary of recommendations by age:

INFANT (less than 1 year of age): Screen time is not recommended

1-2 YEARS OF AGE: No screen time for a 1 year-old. No more than an hour for 2 year-olds, with less time preferred. 

3-4 YEARS OF AGE: No more than one hour. 

3. The Nearsightedness Epidemic

Collectively, our humans eyes are becoming more nearsighted or myopic. It’s happening at rapid rate with some experts predicting 50% of the world’s population will be nearsighted by the year 2050. 

spend more time outdoors

This is rather concerning because high nearsightedness or myopia can result in blinding eye diseases such as retinal detachment, cataracts and glaucoma.

Myopia is starting to become an epidemic, especially in South East Asia countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, where approximately 90% of the young people are nearsighted. 

The big question scientist have asked,  “What factor can prevent myopia or nearsightedness from starting in the first place?”

The answer is simple: spend more time outdoors. 

Read of the summary of this study: CLICK HERE

However, if you or your child is already nearsighted, spending more time outdoors will not slow down the progression of your nearsightedness. 

Our eyes help us see what really matters in life. 

see what's important

Before you know it 2020 will be here. The start of another decade.

What new challenges will our eyes face in the next decade? 

Only time will time but you can start protecting your eyes today.

Schedule an eye exam with your eye care provider and talk to your eye doctor about these eye health updates and how you can keep your eyes seeing the important things in life.  

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summer sunglasses 2019

3 Summer Sunglasses Styles For 2019

Summer sunglasses are a must in Southern California. 

Can you smell the BBQ? See the crashing waves of the beach? Feel the sizzling heat? 

So don’t blink because summer is right around the corner. Summer means sunny, bright, long days. 

It’s also a time to protect your skin with sun block and protect your eyes with sunglasses.  Here at Bright Vision Optometry, we geek out when it comes to fashion sunglasses and sun protection.

Here are 3 sunglasses styles that will have you styling and protected this summer! 

1. Tiffany Paper Flowers Butterfly Sunglasses

The 2019 Tiffany sunglasses collection includes the new Tiffany Paper Flowers collections featuring contemporary shapes inspired by the idea of abstract flower petals.

Tiffany Butterfly Sunglasses

Look at the elegant petal shaped sunglasses frame, drenched in rose gold colored metal with a unique mirrored rose gold lenses.

This Tiffany sunglasses is perfect for anyone who wants a chic feminine look for the summer. Can you picture yourself in a summer dress to match these Tiffany sunglasses? 

Because Tiffany eyewear is made in Italy, theses sunglasses feature 100% UV protection and anti-glare coating. Certainly a classic, and contemporary look for the summer. 

The butterfly sunglasses comes in 3 different colors: Rose gold, Silver and Gunmetal. 

2. Ray-Ban Arista – Round Metal Sunglasses

This wouldn’t be a sunglasses list without the world’s most popular sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban Arista Sunglasses

This summer, cruise around the beach or stroll through the next music festival in these round retro styled Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The Rayban Arista’s are inspired by the style first worn by legendary musicians of the 1960’s. If you didn’t know, these ionic Ray-Ban sunglasses have been worn by legendary musicians in the 1960s, where counter-culture first originated.

Versatile, hip and cool, these classic gold sunglasses will fits most face shapes (unisex). 

The Ray-Ban Arista sunglasses comes in 6 different frame and lens color combinations with the Gold frame and Green lens combo being the most popular. 

3. Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Finally, these classic retro Oakley sunglasses. Created in the 1980’s, these summer sunglasses are back with a modern twist!

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

These summer cool clear sunglasses are comfortable, lightweight and perfect for a day at the beach. 

This pair of Oakley sunglasses features Prizm™ lenses which enhances color, contrast and details to help you see the world with clarity.

Check out the light blue mirrored lenses on these Oakley sunglasses. So unique right?

These Oakley Frogskins sunglasses are available in many different color combination and mirrored lenses. 

So protect your eyes from harmful UV sunlight this summer. Above all, do it your own style! 

summer sunglasses 2019

At Bright Vision Optometry, our optical collection features the newest sunglasses styles for 2019 including brand names like Tom Ford, Prada, Tiffany, Celine and Gucci

So splash into this summer in style, stop by our optical shop to try on your next pair of summer sunglasses! 

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A Mother's Love

Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

The year was 1997. I was in 3rd grade and my sister was in 7th grade. 

It was 5:30 pm and mom wasn’t home yet. Usually she would be home from work by now. But today was different. 

Then 6:00 pm came and she was still not home. I remember staring out the window, crying and thinking of the worst,  “what if she never comes back home?” 

Mother's Day 2019

Outside, the rain poured harder. My sister did her best to comfort me.

“She’ll be back soon.” she said with a forced smile. I could tell she was worried too. 

We both stared out the window and watched the rain. 


A mother’s sacrifice is always under-appreciated. From physical sacrifices like giving birth to breast feeding, to delaying professional endeavors for the betterment of a child’s development. A mother makes countless sacrifices just to see her family smile. 

Our father passed away when I was 2 years old, leaving my mom as a single parent to take care of my sister and I. 

Sophie and Mom

Mom and me

At that point, mom made a huge sacrifice. In order to provide us the future she felt we deserved, she sent my sister and I to Taiwan to live with our grandparents while she went back to school. 

During the 4 years we lived in Taiwan, we saw our mom twice a year. Looking back, it must have been a hard decision to do what she did but my sister and I both really appreciate the sacrifice she made for our futures. 

Are you looking for a special Mother’s Day gift idea – CLICK HERE


A mother’s commitment to the well-being of her family can sometimes be overlooked or considered “nagging”. 

Before my sophomore year of college, my mom wrote me this letter. I thought she was such a nagger. 

A mother's commitment

In hindsight, it was one of the most impactful messages that I needed to hear. 

Nagging? Nope, more like caring.


A mother teaches her children just about every emotion by example – happiness, sadness, fear, anger, helplessness and most importantly love. 

Probably to your surprise, my mom was once handcuffed and arrested by police. 

Of course something like this would happen at the DMV. 

She wasn’t happy with the way I was treated as a minor and demanded to speak to the manager. The security guards “protecting” the DMV would not let her in.

But she still tried to force herself in anyways. I’ve never seen her so mad before. 

Mom's Day

Next thing you know, the police came and arrested her. 

I’ll never forget the time my mom went to jail fighting for me. Pretty badass I must say…

See video of my mom and I trekking the mountains of Patagonia – CLICK HERE

It’s now 6:30 pm, both my sister and I were crying now.

As if God heard our prayers, we saw a pair of headlights through the rain. 

A Mother's Love

It was mom. My sister and I ran to the door like puppies. 

When she entered, we were actually mad at her. We both yelled at her, still upset that she came home so late. 

But we hugged her tight. Super tight. 

My sister and I are who we are today because of our mom.

You shouldn’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to tell your mom thank you or I love you.

A simple gesture of appreciation can be done daily. It is important we consider every day as Mother’s Day. 

Superfly Mom

How fly is mom tho? 

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face shape for glasses

3 Tips For Your Next Glasses

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a difficult decision to make. You may have questions like the following…

What size or shape of glasses fits my face? Will my prescription lenses fit in this pair of glasses? What color will match my skin tone or make-up?

eyewear stylists at Bright Vision Optometry

Before you embark on your search for your next pair of glasses, read these 3 helpful tips from our experienced eyewear stylists at Bright Vision Optometry. 

1. Find the right glasses shape for your face shape

“The choice of eyewear is largely a question of personal style and preferences, but for a successful choice, the eyewear should complement the face and highlight its best qualities.” says our eyewear stylist Adriana. 

Here are some general tips for picking out the right pair of eyeglasses to match your face shape. 

face shape for glasses


Rounded forehead and chin – widest at the cheekbones.

Create contrast with rectangular frames; choose a frame with high temples, if appropriate. Avoid round and oval frames.


Elongated face with a round forehead and slightly slimmer, rounded chin. A very harmonious face shape.

Do not choose an oval frame that is too horizontally flat, or a rectangular frame that follows the cheekbones. However, oval faces can wear frames in most shapes.


Forehead, cheekbones and chin area all the same width.

Draw the attention upwards by choosing a frame with its most prominent features at the top. Avoid angular frames for this face shape.


A long, narrow face, often with a prominent jaw.

Choose deep frames – round or aviator-style. It is a good idea to choose a frame with distinctive sides. Avoid narrow frames and high-placed temples.Modo Glasses


The top edge of the glasses frame should follow the shape of the brows, and should be fully or partially distinct from them. Avoid eyewear where the brows can be seen through the lenses.

The eyewear should reach the outer edges of the cheekbones, otherwise it looks like the wearer has outgrown his/her eyeglass frame.

A short nose can appear longer when the wearer uses eyewear with a keyhole bridge (see picture) or a bridge that curves upwards. A long nose can appear shorter if the eyeglasses frame bridge runs straight across the bridge of the nose or curves slightly downwards. The bridge should ideally sit as low as possible.

2. Understand your glasses prescription

high prescription lenses on metal glasses

“When choosing your next pair of glasses, it’s important to understand your glasses prescription. Why? Because if your prescription is on the higher end, the lenses might not fit your preferred glasses frames.” says Joanna. 

It’s a fact, if your glasses prescription is considered high, your lenses will be thick. Certain eyeglasses frames, especially metal frames will not be able to accommodate higher prescriptions. 

If you have a high prescription, consider an eyewear brand like Prodesign to help hide the thickness of your lens. 

Be sure to consult an optician or eyewear stylist to make sure your next pair glasses is a good match for your prescription. 

3. Don’t be afraid to try something different

3 tips for glasses

Our eyewear stylist Michael doesn’t play by the rules.

He says, “You can pull off any glasses as long as you are willing to commit and WERK those frames!” 

Consider frame colors that pop and contrast your skin tone. Colorful frames such as Woow eyewear is a good place to start. 

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