why i listen to this morning music playlist everyday

why i listen to this morning music playlist everyday

Everyone has their own morning rituals or routines. Here’s one of my favorites that I would like to share. Why do I listen to this morning music playlist everyday? 

Because my morning playlist helps me get into the right mindset to tackle my day, everyday. 

morning music playlist

My morning music playlist is composed of just 5 songs (a total of 17 minutes and 37 seconds). 

Just a warning, there are some songs with curse words. Earmuffs, kids!

Let’s start with the first song.

Empire Of The Sun – Alive

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

Energy. Excitement. Eye related! 

Have you ever felt like you’re just floating through your Monday thru Friday routine? Do you sometimes feel like a robot, doing the same thing over and over again? 

The reason this song is the first on my morning music playlist is because it reminds me that I’m someone that’s actually ALIVE and there are so many wonderful things that you can do when you feel ALIVE. 

There’s a line in the song that goes, “LOST MY EYE SIGHT, CAN’T YOU HELP ME SEE?”

Like seriously? Yes, I can. Welcome to Bright Vision Optometry! LOL. 

This song is especially energizing after a big cup of coffee. But be careful with that combination, you might just find yourself dancing like a fool. 

The next song gets a little deep. 

Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s A New Day)

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

Listen to song and it will bring you wisdom. If you listen carefully that is. But don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the smooth, rhythmic flows of Asher Roth, NBD, I’ll highlight the important messages for you here, right now.

Why do I listen to this as the second song of my morning music playlist?

Because of the it helps me understand that we are all equal, everyone/everything on this earth.

Because it helps me get in the mindset to put in the work to get to where I want to be.

Because it helps me believe in myself. Because it helps me be grateful for everything that I have.

Here’s some sample of some wisdom that Asher Roth drops,

“Bout time to change a few things
We enslaved to the bank and we only wanna buy new shoes
The way that we think
We can do anything that we really wanna put our minds too…”

If you can find truths in this song, your ability to be happy will have leveled up.

“…it’s not about fame, and fortune
It’s about believing and believing in yourself
And understanding that this life is life
It’s liberty and the pursuit of happiness
And happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time
It’s about loving what you have
So get ready it’s a new day…”

How can you not feel some-type-of-way after listening to this song? Seriously.

Nujabes – Feather

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

If you have never heard of Nujabes, I am glad to be the one introducing you to this musical legend.

When his jazzy, lo-fi, hip-hop productions reaches my ears, his music helps me get into this super relaxed, spiritual, meditative and peaceful state. 

A good friend and patient of ours at Bright Vision Optometry, let’s call him Mr. H2cominthru, introduced me a really cool and effective breathing technique called the Wim Hof breathing. 

So while listening to this song Feathers, this is where I practice breathing deeply. Deep In and then deep out (yup, just like them burgers). It’s like this song is a catalyst for me to detox and release unnecessary stress on my mind and body. 

After listening to this song, I am reminded to breath deeply through out my day.

I am calm and peaceful. No one can stress me out. hehe. 

J. Cole – Love Yourz

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

“No such thing as a life better than yours…”

I put this masterpiece by J. Cole into my morning music playlist because it helps me see my life in a completely different perspective.  

Seeing the world with 20/20 vision is cool and all but if you can see the world with perspectives, that’s seeing with your third eye.

More importantly, while listening to this song, I think about the special people in my family like my sister.

I think about my awesome friends that are in my life. I think about my mom (you guys, she’s a like goddess). 

There are so many distractions in this world that can pull your energy from your loved ones.

So just remember to love yourz. 

Bas – Tribe with J.Cole

For song lyrics and explanation of lyric meanings: CLICK HERE 

This one is for you.” 

And the last song on my morning music playlist is a song dedicated to my wife. 

Why? That’s TMI. 

Let’s just say she makes me feel like the happiest person alive.  

my morning music playlist

So that was it, my morning music playlist and why I listen everyday. 

I played this mix everyday, in the same order from top down. Usually while I am driving to work.

Remember, the radio plays what “they” want you to hear. Just saying. 

And don’t copy me.

I encourage you to create your own morning music playlist that will help you be the best you for your day. 

If you liked this blog post, it would mean so much to me if you shared. 

Thank you and have a great day.


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