Why Get a Back To School Eye Exam

back to school eye exam

Why Get a Back To School Eye Exam

This year, be sure to get a back to school eye exam for your kids before class is back in session.

Vision is the foundation for learning. Just think about how much we use vision to guide us through our days. 

You may have heard the expression, “monkey see, monkey do.” which describes perfect how a child learns; by seeing.

So give your child the best opportunity to see their best so they can be at their best for this upcoming school year. It all starts with getting your child an eye exam.

Why Get Back To School Eye Exam

Do you know exactly how well your child can see? What should my child be able to see at his age?

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Is it 20/20? Does your child see better out of the right eye or the left eye?

Does my child need glasses? Does my child have an eye turn?

If you don’t know the answer, relax it’s okay. These are questions that will be answered during your child’s eye exam. 

A comprehensive eye exam will help determine if nearsighted or farsighted glasses are needed for your child to see their best at school. 

Secondly, the eye doctor will also check for any crossed eyes, lazy eyes, color vision defects and other visual impairments that could affect your child’s learning.

Lastly, a comprehensive eye exam for your child will check for any eye health problems such as congenital cataracts.

Why Good Vision Is Important

Having good vision is super important for kids, especially during the first 7 years.

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The first 7 years of a child’s life are considered the sensitivity period where the brain of a child is rapidly developing and creating foundational connections or networks.

If a child does not experience good vision during this critical time, it could really hinder the overall development of the child.

Short-term problems that a child with visual impairment can encounter are developmental delays, decreased hand-eye coordination, lack of spatial awareness, delays in visual development and/or visual perception.

Leading to long-term problems affecting school and sports, perhaps even cause your child to struggle academically and socially.

Is blue light dangerous for kids? To find out the answer: CLICK HERE 

Remember this fact, 80% of what kids learn in school is learned visually.

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Back to school season can be busy and hectic. Be sure to consider getting an back to school eye exam for your kids.

Here at Bright Vision Optometry, we truly believe in the power of good vision.

Good vision can help you and your kids see what really matters for this upcoming school year.

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