The Wedding Plan (Part 1)

The Wedding Plan (Part 1)

“Any special requests for the wedding?” she asked. 

Without hesitation I answered, “In-N-Out truck please!” 

My fiancee at the time, gave me this weird look, “Are you serious?” she asked. 

I nodded.

Super serious. 

wedding planning
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They say communication saves relationships. It’s true. 

So the first thing we did was to divide wedding planning responsibilities. We created a list which looked something like this:

ME: Music   

HER: Everything else

The message was clear.

I was pretty much useless. 

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It was impressive watching her wedding plan. 

She had a vision and she knew exactly what she wanted. 

Budget. Venue. Guest list. Catering. Color theme. Photographer. DJ. Videographer. Wedding dress. Hotel-room block. Website. Invitation. Seating chart. Flowers. Cake. Menu design and print. Photo booth. Marriage license. Rehearsal dinner. Checked. 

The best part? She made sure we had fun with the whole process. This is who I was marrying? 

How did I ever get so lucky? 

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An unexpected blessing came during our planning.  

In high school, Elaine and I met through a childhood friend named Eric. Thinking it would be great idea, we asked Eric to be our wedding officiant. 

“I’ll do it but you and Elaine would have go through premarital counseling. I’ll be happy to facilitate this.” he said. It was a no-brainer. We agreed. 

So Eric and his lovely wife Diana, lead us through a series of premarital counseling sessions and prepped us for the realities of marriage.  

This was our best wedding planning decision. 

Photos by Akiko Liu Photos – Website 

“Do you want the good news or bad news first?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

I gave her a weird look, “I’ll take the bad news first”, I replied. 

“They can’t do french fries or milk shakes with the truck.” she answered.  

“So what’s the good news?” 

You already know her answer. 

Photos by Akiko Liu Photos – Website 

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